Da Baby Calls Police On DaniLeigh Humiliates Her On IG Live


Da Baby put his daughters mother out, Dani Leigh. In a video streamed on Instagram live, the ‘Rockstar’ rapper is seen demanding DaniLeigh leave his North Carolina estate.

Apparently, they’d been living together since they’ve had their daughter three months ago. But he denies such, saying she wasn’t even his ‘girl’. Dani says otherwise, claiming her own bathroom, meeting his family, sex the night he called the cops on her…..it got heated so much she started crying. The drama escalated after he kept calling her ‘coo coo for cocoa puffs’, saying they were never together. The nerve of him!

It got real messy when DaBaby said he was trying to get rid of a fatal attraction type situation, insinuating DaniLeigh was pretty much stalking him and he couldn’t get away from her.


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Da Baby Responded To The Situation

Da Baby Responds

“First of all, me and DaniLeigh are not together”. She does not live with me, he says into the camera. He goes onto explain that they haven’t been together in three months. They went to DR to await the arrival of the baby, and while there, he claims Dani Leigh got into a verbal altercation with her parents. Then, he says her mom began harrassing his employees, in an attempt to control the situation, apparently. None of it really makes any sense, and the five foot Award winning artists was a bit evasive when it came to a lot of the details surrounding the fiasco.

“I’m making shit clear”…then Dani Leigh walks out into the camera. They start arguing on camera. He disrespects her terribly, saying she was a ‘certified side bish’. She storms off thankfully. But he continued to talk smack about her, and she comes back out saying “Why would you have me around your family, why would you give me my own bathroom?” During the argument earlier on, she claimed they had just slept together the night before.

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Da Baby & Dani Leigh

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