Blatant Racism In The Ahmad Arbery Trial


As if the murder wasn’t enough, racial disparities are still on the rise, even in the Ahmad Arbery trial.

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 Attorney Kevin Gough actually had the audacity to tell Judge Timothy Walmsley that there should’nt be anymore “Black pastors” in the courtroom. The comment derived from Rev. Al Sharpton appearing to the trial to comfort the victims. And according to the judge; he sat in the back of the room. He went on to complain that his mere presence may influence the jury, which is all White, except one; and was also not even in the courtroom while Rev. Sharpton was present. In the words of Kevin Samuel, ‘you can’t make this stuff up’.

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Defense attorney Kevin Gough addresses the court during the trial for the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery at the Glynn County Courthouse on Monday in Brunswick, Ga.
Sean Rayford/AP

Bryan, along with father and son Greg and Travis McMichael is charged with homicide and different crimes in Arbery’s Feb. 23, 2020, killing. While jogging in a nearby neighborhood, Arbery was chased and fatally shot after two White men (father and son) pulled over, harrassed him and ultimately killed him. All because, they called themselves neighborhood watchmen, they noticed him working in their neighborhood exterior the Georgia port metropolis of Brunswick. As he was jogging, they began to question him and his whereabouts. Since Arbery was jogging, they apparently thought he may have been running from them from shame of a crime, so they chased him and then shot him.


The Trial

The Jury Selection

The Ahmad Arbery trial started Nov. 5, utilizing two weeks to compile 11 White jurors and 1 Black one.

Georgia’s Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley did acknowledge on Wednesday there “appears to be intentional discrimination”; when looking at how the jury was selected. Hopefully, he acts on that and ensures justice is served in all aspects. So far, it’s not looking good; if you can’t even start out fair, how will it end?

The Family Is Outraged

Rightfully so, Abery’s family is pusing back, voicing their grievances that the obvious imbalanced group of jurors is racial partisanship at it’s best.

The family’s attorney, Benjamin Crump, said Thursday that Arbery “is again denied justice,” and he found it “outrageous that Black jurors were intentionally excluded to create such an imbalanced jury.”

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