Kyle Rittenhouse Sobs In Court During Trial


17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse shot three people last year with his AR-15 style rifle at a protest during the wake of the Jacob Blake killing. Protestors were generative of peacefully demonstrating; however the teenager claimed to be there to provide security and medical aid for a car dealership during the protest.


Ultimately, he would end up leaving with two bodies on his hands, and an injured person after he inserted himself in the crowd of protestors; shooting two of them, who were unarmed, dead.

A detective holding the gun retrieved from Kyle Rittenhouse/ Sean Krajacic

Kyle told the judge Thursday he had been threatened by Joseph Rosenbaum prior to shooting and killing him in Kenosha, Wis., on Aug. 25, 2020. The killer is charged with first degree homicide; in the shooting of three men, two of whom died.

The fact that he had such an unexpected outburst in court has been going viral, which halted his trial, causing a mistrial. Of course right? A mistrial is an inconclusive trial, when the jury can’t agree on a verdict. It’s always benevolence when it comes to non minorties committing heinous acts of crime.

At this point; you kinda have to laugh to keep from getting anxious about the seemingly ebulliently driven show of remorse he displayed in court. Lebron James was slammed for laughing at the exhilaration. The NBA player said that Rittenhouse must have eaten some Lemonheads; popular sour candy and is also my fave—before taking the stand. He also noted that he didn’t see any tears coming out of Rittenhouse’s eyes.

Protesters Gather Outside Courthouse

Fox 32

Kyle Rittenhouse Takes The Stand

The judge became malignant after the prosecutor probed Rittenhouse about past behaviors.


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