The New Summer Walker Album Takes Fans To New Heights


The new Summer Walker album has blessed the universe with her heartfelt healing energy. Especially for those trying to heal, or have dealt with toxicity from a lover. She says it all and sings from real life experience. She dropped the album November 5, during a full moon in Scorpio. Intensifying folk’s trauma and emotions, perhaps.

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Summer Walker

The Atlanta native didn’t hold anything back this time,and it seems partially due to her tumultuous relationship with her daughters father, London On Da Track. He tweeted a cryptic message in the middle of their beef.

But, she ‘had time’. She quoted, “Ladies run from this type of man- a man that believes you are nothing without them from the start until the end and will never want you to be anything without them”, she wrote, via her Instagram Stories. 


She continued, “They will sabotage anything you do solo and envy you once you being to stand on your own two feet. That’s not real love, that’s control. Big narcissist vibes.”


To say the least, they’ve had their share of drama. They’re currently broken up. Sometimes life lessons can be the perfect recipe for the next level up.

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Fans Question The Authenticity Of Her Anxiety

The Girls Need Love crooner has always been vocal about her empath personality, how she easily absorbs other’s energy. And in most cases, if you aren’t spiritually cleansed enough, it can take you under. The ‘Playing Games‘ singer played NONE; when it comes to her peace. And she’s had no quarms about making that perfectly clear to anyone. Fans included.

After cancelling several of her shows for the “Over It” tour, Summer Walker said, “I’m not going to be able to finish this tour because it doesn’t coexist with my social anxiety and my introverted personality”.

Join Us As Hidden Agenda Listens To The Summer Walker Album

Meet us in the Gem Den to react to the Summer Walker album, ‘Still Over It’.

So far, inside the podcast, we’ve listened to about six tracks. My favorite so far is ‘Throw It Away’, however I’m really looking forward to getting into this Ciara’s Prayer track.

Thank me later Gems

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