Stevie J Just Filed For Divorce From Faith Evans

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Stevie J and Faith Evans at 2019 Pre-Grammy Gala

Faith Evans and her husband Stevie J are trending since he allegedly called it quits on their three year marriage. When they first got married, fans were shocked since Stevie J gave off ‘player energy’. He was known as a ‘ladies man’, with his tight biceps, and crypted smile. He dated Joseline Hernandez, a former stripper, airing out their toxic relationship on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. While he and Joseline were dating, he was still seeing his daughters mother, Mimi Fraust. She would eventually come to her senses and ditch the player, leaving him for Joseline to deal with. Once that relationship ended, Stevie J would lay low for a while. Next thing you know, his new love interest becomes Faith Evans.

Stevie J tells Faith Evans he wants to be more than just friends on L&HHATL

History Of Trouble in the Marriage

But, it’s uncertain as to what led music producer mogul Stevie J to head to the courts, but we do know they’ve recently undergone some domestic violence incidents. Last year, Faith allegedly was arrested for attacking her husband. According to TMZ, Stevie J called the cops on the ‘You Used To Love Me’ hitmaker, after she would’nt leave. He ended up dropping the charges, saying he didn’t want his wife in jail, he just wanted peace. Understandably so, but the cops still had no choice but to arrest Faith since he had visible scratches on his face.


Then, previously before that, there was buzz that the couple was going through some tough times in the marriage.

How Did Stevie J Meet Faith Evans

Steven Aaron Joran aka Stevie J is one of the most successful record producers in the industry. And he even produced Biggie’s 1997 ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’. Thus, he and Faith Evans were always cordial friends. Eventually, they met up on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop ATL, where things got more steamy. Taking their friendship to new heights, they got married in their LA home, leading up to a three year marriage. Faith has always seemed to desire a simplistic, authentic relationship. All marriages have ups and downs, so hopefully they can work things out.


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