*TRIGGER ALERT* 8 Yr Old Kendrick Lee Found Dead Under Blanket


An 8 year old boy named Kendrick Lee was found dead Tuesday in Texas, after his body laid dormant for a year. What a nightmare. The decomposed body of a precious 8 year old Black boy was found under a blanket during the Thanksgiving holiday.

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Source: Daily Mail

The 35 year old mother of Kendrick Lee is Gloria Williams. She has three other children, Jordan Lee, 15, Trevon Lee, 10, and Ja’Veon Kirklin, who is 7. Worse than a horror movie scene,they had been watching their brother’s body decomposing for a whole year. 

WTF Happened To Kendrick Lee

Williams, 35, found her son’s body under a blanket because her boyfriend beat him to death.  Claiming he’d lost his temper; punching and kicking him, literally to death. All while Kendrick’s siblings watched this horrific nightmare unfold before them.


To make matters worse, Williams and her boyfriend fled the scene and left the children in the apartment by themselves for months on end.

But, thank God for good people in the world. Even though the children were abandoned, some neighbors at the West Oaks apartment complex were kind enough to provide food and a charger to the kids. Plus, Williams would would have junk food delivered to the home on a fairly routine basis, according to officials. 

Medical Findings On The Case

On Tuesday, it was ruled by The Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office that Kendrick Lee suffered multiple blunt force injuries, resulting in death by homicide.

Charges Brought On Williams and Her Disgusting Boyfriend

After all the hoopla, the murderous mother and her boyfriend were arrested, thankfully. And besides the murder charges for Kendrick, they’re being charged of starvation and neglect of the other three children. Seemingly having a hisotry of child neglect; according to documents obtained by Daily Mail, Williams had been previously charged for not enrolling her children in school, more than once.

Nonetheless, the boyfriend is being held on a $1 million bond and the mom is being held on a combined $900,000.

Linda Smith Regrets Not Staying In Touch With Her Grandson

“But I told her she and her kids had to leave”.’

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‘I wish I would have known how bad of a situation those kids were in; I would have adopted all of the kids”, the grandmother of 7 year old Ja’Veon states.

The grandmother said “All of Gloria’s kids lived with her for a short time in 2014”. She continues, “My son went to jail for about 6 months and I soon found out when my son was in jail while I was at work, that Gloria would have different men come over to my house. I don’t know what she was doing with them. As soon as I found out I confronted Gloria with it, of course she denied it”, Smith told DailyMail.com.

After she evicted William’s and her four children, 71 yr old Smith claims that Williams just disappeared. After years of not hearing from her, on August 31st, she receives a text from Williams asking about the whereabouts of the 7 year old’s father, Jonathan.

Smith says she replied back on Sept 9, saying, “Not lately. What’s wrong?” She said Williams replied back, “Nothing I just want to see how he doing”’. Smith then asked Williams how her grandson was doing and she was told by Williams, ‘he was doing good’.

Smith admits,”I regret kicking her out, I should have never done that. I’ve asked myself, What else have these kids gone through with all of the guys that have been in and out of her life? Were the kids molested, abused?

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Enough About Linda

Currently, the state has custody of Smith grandchild and his other siblings. Finally, Sunday, they were rescued from the third floor apartment in West Harris County; after the 15 year old sibling called the police to report the death of his brother. He had been waiting on his mom to do it, but clearly she never did.

Anyway, Williams said she never reported her sons murder because her boyfriend warned against it. She feared that Child Protective Services would take her children away and she would go to jail. Go figure.

What The Police Discovered

On that frightful day, November 20, police walked into a real life nighmare at 3520 Green Crest Drive. What they found under a blanket were the skeletal remains of 8 year old Kendrick Lee.

Upon entering the cringy apartment, deputies confirmed there was no electricity, as the children had stated. And it wasn’t surprising that the oldest brother of Kendrick Lee was apprehensive to communicate from tha buse and traumatization, according to officials. Even though he was the one who bravely made the call.

Additionally, it was recently reported that the boyfriend had that audacity to return to the home to punch one of the children in the jaw, so bad the child needs surgery, according to police records.

Kendrick as a baby with his mom

We Gotta Move Differently If We Want Different

As a mother of three girls, all three years apart, I understand it can get tough. But we have to seek the help when we get overwhelmed. Being a parent comes with great responsibility that should be cherished, not abused. And we also shouldn’t be letting men who are not the child’s father put their hands on children. It is not their place.

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Sadly,these types of situations continue to arise, and we can alleviate some of them by installing guidelines and boundaries. In order to protect our babies. This situation was so damn sad and senseless. Obviously,this is beyond heinous and hateful. It’s horrific and unimaginable. God bless this baby’s sweet soul and may he rest in power and peace. Let’s chat more by clicking here.

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