Darius McCrary Dispels Gay Rumors


Darius McCrary AKA Eddie Winslow was trending last week. He seemed to have heavy chemistry with transgendered model, Sidney Starr on th e set of a (drunk)video shoot. In the video, you can clearly see them kissing. He’s grabbing her waist, looking into her eyes. You can tell he is ‘hungry’. If you get my drift.

Racy Video Of Sidney Starr and Darius McCrary Kissing

Both Parties Respond To The Raunchy Receipts

A photo of what seems to be Darius McCrary and Sidney Starr kissing on a steamy video shoot together

Amid, the rumors, he debunks them while having dinner with his tv mom turned real life auntie (Jo Marie Payton). In a relaxed setting, he holds his phone, talking into it,telling folks to “check out the ring on his fiance”, who is a natural (cis) woman. He’s seen in the video with his tv mom, Jo Marie Payton who played Harriet Winslow (Eddie Winslow’s mom) on the show Family Matters.

Nothing Sidney Starr Says Adds Up

Even though they both insist that the rumors aren’t true, Sidney Starr sent mix messages to social media, insinuating Darius was dating her. Then she goes on The Real to further look foolish, at this point. She basically says ‘nothing’, while talking in circles.


Just Spit It Out Already

It gets to a point where Jeannie cuts the BS and asked the t-woman straight out, “Are ya’ll dating, because that’s the narrative you put out there?!”. Sidney replies, “they are just friends”. How embarrasing is this for Darius’ fiance? He basically got caught cheating. With a transgendered woman who still has all the men parts. But anywhoo….

Sidney Starr Goes On The Real, But Lonnie Wasn’t Buying It. Made no sense.
Darius responds to the rumors

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