Amazon Is Putting Alexa Next To Hospital Beds Across The U. S.


As if Amazon hasn’t made us all lazy enough…they’re now installing Alexa on the bedside of the sick and shut in throughout various hospitals in the United States. Senior centers will have this luxury as well, to call their family members, keep track of events within their community. The device would also make announcements, and allow the resident to communicate with one another. Amazon says senior living communities include Atria and Eskaton will be the first to roll out this integration solution.

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  • They’re starting with Boston Children’s Hospital and Houston Methodist first
  • Patients can control Alexa to communicate with medical staff, to include Amazon Echo speaker
  • These new solutions are part of Alexa Smart Properties
  • Healthcare providers can enable HIPAA-compliant features such as medication tracking for the devices

Amazon says they’re hoping to cut down on medical staff high demands. With the Alexa at patients disposal, staff shouldn’t have to enter the patien’ts rooms as much.

“This enables hospital to increase productivity, conserve medical supplies and protective equipment, such as masks, gloves, and gowns, and free up staff time to provide more personalized care,” Amazon stated in an interview.


Back in July Jeff Bezos gave up his CEO status to the billion dollar company. The date that he chose to leave was sentimental because it was the very date Amazon was incorporated. Kinda weird, right? It was cringy watching Bezos go through his transformation, because he let go of his empire and his forever long marriage to McKenzie Scott. He got him a new woman and said deuces to everyone. Nevertheless, taking his spot over the corporation is Andy Jassy, who had been with the company for 24 years as head of Amazon’s cloud-computing division.

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