18 Year Old Marries Her 54 Year Old Godfather


A shocking story has gone viral on social media about a Florida couple (Mike and Deja Haugabook) who got married last week. At first glance, it looks like the purpose of people sharing the wedding pics was the fact that they were extremely underdressed for the occassion. The internet dragged them to filth for the low budget event. To say the least. The groom is dressed in two button down shirts. In one of the photos you can see a printer in the background.

Shot gun wedding, ehh?? Anyway, that’s not even the kicker.

Ya ready?? The groom and bride are actually godfather and goddaughter.

Deja and Mike Haugabook/Facebook

According to her own mother, when Deja was just a toddler, she was Mike’s on again off again girlfriend. Although they shared a hood love, it didn’t work out romantically. Not only did he end up being a career criminal, but so did she. She would end up going to jail and losing custody of all four of her children. So Deja was actually raised by another family. And that family is actually her sister in law and spouse. They adopted Deja at an early age and have raised her.

State of

Although in a Facebook live video, Deja’s mom admits that in 2017 she and Mike slept together. Emphasizing the fact that Mike is fathering some of her grandchildren at this point. She claims that he also had the nerve to make sexually explicit comments about her body parts recently. It seems as though the mom is washing her hands of the matter. Which at this point, is there anything else she really can do?

The Haugabook’s Are UnBothered

Even though they couldn’t even afford a tuxedo or any other venue that wasn’t an office setting, she claims that they are ‘sittin on bread’. Chile…..the ghetto!!

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Click this link to enter Hidden Agenda’s podcast to chat more on this topic. Also see an updated Facebook live video from the Haugabrook’s below. Chile he is really trying to gain some coin from this but I aint even mad. He announced on his Facebook page they have a Youtube channel. He also claims that their ‘fans’ have asked for this so they are delivering.

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