Phaedra Is Doing Her Thing And It’s Thangin

Yep, I said that. Phaedra Parks is serving looks these days. Both on and off camera. Since leaving The RHOA she’s been busy raising her boys and taking on acting gigs.

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Phaedra Parks and her two sons, Aayden and Dylan.

Phaedra, with her new blonde wig is making moving on look easy as she’s even premiering in a TV series called Covenant; she confirmed in October. Her new and exciting role is on the streaming app ALLBLK called Covenant, playing a third wife. She claims she’s working with several seasoned actors. This role is a ‘real’ role, a written embodied character. So no cat fights, well no authentic ones anyway.

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Phaedra returned to RHOA for the all star mash up series that but that’s it. Page Six reported that the series included both current and former ‘peaches’ from RHO Atlanta, Beverly Hills, and Orange County. Dorinda from RHONY told ET News that she bonded most with Phaedra and Eva the most out of everyone during the mashup. “Vicki was going through some things,” Phaedra confirms. “Vicki definitely brought her own set of problems that had nothing to do with us, but it was good and I think people will resonate with what she’s going through. But then I think, some of the… shall we say the disagreements with people will be very interesting, as well.”

Phaedra tells ET “”It was awesome,” Phaedra teases. “Y’all are going to love it because it is the epitome of everything Housewives, the whole series is about. Very dramatic, very scandalous, a lot of secrets revealed, a lot of drinking, a lot of crying, a lot of screaming, and of course a lot of fighting. That’s the top-rated show for any Bravo show.”

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