Ray J Files For Divorce, This Being Their Third Time

Ray J and Princess Love

LOS ANGELES-They say third time’s a charm. Maybe that’s what the Norwood’s are anticipating. Amid Ray J admitting he hadn’t seen his family, including his wife, in over a week, since he’s been in the hospital, he found time to make his way downtown. Wednesday, TMZ showed court receipts that Mr. ‘Sexy Can I’ filed divorced papers.

However, this isn’t the first time the couple has attempted to file divorce papers.

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Ray J and his wife Princess Love, their daughter, Melody and newborn son, Epik Ray Norwood.

The couple’s relationship has had the appearance of ‘unstable’ and ‘toxic’ within the last year. Subsequently, the ‘One Wish’ singer allegedly left his pregnant wife and daughter in a hotel in Vegas. It seems he wanted to hang with the fellas and go to a strip club. Princess Love documented the fiasco and put her hubby on blast, threatening in front of her millions of viewers on her IG that she was “done with the marriage and wanted to be single”.


After they took some time apart, they’d end up quarantining (mostly) together. Princess Love made Ray J quarantine alone for some of that time, since he hadn’t met her quarantine requirements. She was also pregnant with their second child. So she wasn’t willing to throw caution to the wind. Nonetheless, things didn’t pan out as planned. They’re now on their way to divorce court.

ray z divorce court documents
Superior Court of California

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