Aubrey Padi Hid in His Ex Wifes Closet To Kill Her

ENGLAND-Aubrey Padi broke into his ex wifes home and brutally murdered her. He was jailed on Tuesday, sentenced to 23 years. Hiding himself in a closet, on July 7, he set an alarm around 1 am to wake up and kill her. Carrying out his plan, he beat his ex-wife with a metal exercise bar, then stabbed her eight times. Unexplainably, all while their two children were sleeping in the next room.

Tamara Padi was brutally murdered in her home while her child was asleep in the room next door
Tamara Padi Credit: MEN Media
Aubrey Pule Padi was sentenced to life at Manchester Crown Court
Aubrey Pule Padi set an alarm, while waiting in closet to murder ex-wife

Around 1:20, Ms.Padi came home with a friend who was reportedly a co-worker. She had allegedly been sleeping in the livingroom. It was there, at 3:30 when she was abruptly woken out of her sleep from hearing screaming upstairs.

Tamara Padi, 43,
Tamara Padi described her ex-husband’s behavior as weird, leading up the weeks of her vicious murder

Ms. Padi then saw her estranged husband attempt to flee out the front door, however he ended up turning around, going upstairs and stabbing her multiple times. Afterwards, he told the friend to call 911 as he left the home. Ms. Padi was taken to the hospital and died shortly after arriving.

According to Metro, 911 received a call saying “she deserved it”.

Leading Up To The Murder

Aside from the couple’s break up in February, there’s no explanation as to why he felt this way. However, according to Daily Mail, Richard Pratt, QC said on July 6 the day befoer her murder-Mr. Padi had punched Mrs. Padi in the face when she wouldn’t let him use her mobile phone in her car”. Two weeks earlier she caught him going through voice mail messages in her phone.

On the night he punched her, he apologized via text, ending one of the texts saying, “This is the last time you have disrespected me”. So there were vivid red flags leading up to the murder. Unfortunately, Mrs. Padi was not protected effectively, in time.

Ms. Padi’s Family Remembers Her

According to a family tribute, the victim was beautifully described as a  “happy and outgoing sould” who was “loved by everyone”. Dep. Lee Shaw, of Greater Manchester Police dept said “This was a brutal attack on someone that this man had vowed to love and care for”.

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