A Jehovah’s Witness Confesses To Murder In A Florida Police Station


FLORIDA- A senseless murder that took place ten years ago is finally putting the victims’ family in some mental ease. When guilt has you by the throat, even you yourself may be surprised at the lengths you’ll go through to release it.

A 43 year old Floridian walked into a police station to confess murdering a prostitute 10 years ago.

“He said he found Jehovah and wanted to end this guilt.”


A Horrific Murder From Ten Years Ago

A motorcyclist found Nicole’s body in a ditch near The Concession Golf Club. She was partially clothed, with visible bruises on her face. Investigation concluded she’s been strangled to death.

nvestigators believed Nicole’s body was dumped in a different location from where she was killed. Now, 10 years later, answers are coming in after the man responsible for Nicole’s death came forward to confess the awful murder of Nicole Scott.

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Ironically, police did question Moulton at the time, but he denied any involvement. Obvioiusly….thus, the case turned cold. He’s been charged with first degree murder while investigation is still undergoing.

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