Lil Nas X Renigs On Dippin In The Lady Pool

Recently, Lil Nas X posted on his Instagram that missed having some lady parts in his life. Then he posted the next day, “Nevermind he texted back”. After revealing recently in an interview that he and an actor one of his videos were dating, he posted on Instagram about missing ‘ladies’. It was a bit obvious he was just going through a ‘rough patch’.


Lil Nas X Instagram

The Industry Baby singer has been trending for months now ever since he came out the closet. When he came out, he ran!! And didn’t really look back. Until the other day. He gave it some thought. And that was it. So ladies, sorry if you had your hopes up. He was just playin. When he debuted the video for his single, Industry Baby, it presented lots of controversy behind the sexual exploitation. There were arguments surrounding homophobia and the fact that children are exposed to such sexual visuals. In an interview with The Breakfast Club, when asked about children listening to his music, he said, “F**k them kids”. He says that parents should be filtering what their children are exposed to. He feels no obligation to curve his craft for the sake of children. He’s doin him.

Lil Nas X and Yai Ariza
Lil Nas X and his ex lover Yai Ariza

He Still Likes Boys

The Old Town Road hitmaker revealed that he still had feelings for his ex beau. He admitted that although he was the best lover he’s ever had, he needed to focus on his craft.

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What Else Has Been Goin On

Montero Lamar Hill recently released his newest album, self named, ‘Montero’. Also, Dolly Parton praised the Industry Baby singer for covering her single, Jolene.


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