Florida Nurse Fired For Cruel IG Post

Sierra Samuels “Your intestines posed to be on the inside not outside baby!”her awful post read on her Instagram

A florida nurse is receiving much backlash after posting someone else’s child and poking fun all at once. From her inconsiderate actions, to the immature teasing… How in the world do some people get past an interview? Let alone get hired for a job that serves innocent people. Sierra Samuels was clearly one of those folks. Stealthily, she somehow she slid past the ‘crazy’ radar.

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Breaching the patient’s privacy, this florida nurse thought it was okay to post two pics of a baby with birth defects. Coincidentally, she was immediately placed on administrative leave before she was fired on Sept. 15. As an employee in the intensive care unit, she lacked basic procedure.

The baby she posted has a condition where the intestines grow on the outside of the body. Ms. social media poster took to her IG and posted under two pics of the baby, “My night was going great then boom!” “Your intestines posed to be on the inside, not the outside baby. #gastrochitis”. In the caption of her social media profile, she identifies herself as a mother and “Bipolar Lover”.

Her instagram page is currently private.


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