Lanaya Cardwell is Charged In The Murder Of Her Daughter


Lanaya Cardwell has been charged with the murder of sweet, precious Nivaeh Allen. After her parents reported that she vanished, they filed a missing persons report. But, the toddler’s body turns up miles away from their home.

Unbelievably, last week Cardwell was crying on camera saying she didn’t know where in the world her daughter could be. Take a look.

After two days of rigourous searching, the police found Niveah in a wooded area in Mississippi near the Pearlington area; after Philip Gardner, (the mom’s boyfriend) admitted to disposing of her remains. Hancock Sheriff Ricky Adam said he and other deputies were summoned to search for the toddler off Highway 64 in Logtown.


This was just a whole mess. The Hancock County Mississippi Coroner confirmed on Sunday that Niveah’s death was a homicide. According to WAFB9, an investigator from the EBR Coroner’s Office traveled to Mississippi on Sunday to bring the body back to Baton Rouge.However an investigation is still undergoing while an autopsy was done on Sept. 27. Unfortunately, the results could take up to ninety days.

Overall, additional questioning from both Gardner and Cardwell led detectives to the conclusion that Niveah was beaten to death by her mother. The couple tried to cover it up and messed up royally. Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul announced the arrest of the mother Wednesday afternoon. The chief said it saddens him that “this beautiful, innocent angel is no longer with us.”

Philip Gardner

Initially, he lied and made false missing person report. Claiming he wanted to protect his girlfriend, he didn’t call 911 when Niveah wasn’t responsive after she laid down for a nap.

On Sunday, Gardner was arrested and charged for unlawful disposal of remains and obstruction of justice. Consequently, his bond was set at $75,000 on Monday. Currently, there is no word yet in regard to him being released or not.

Lanaya Cardwell

Pregnant with her boyfriend’s child, Cardwell’s bond has been set for $300,000, according to KNOE News.

Such A Sad Situation

Lanaya Cardwell (left) and Phillip Gardner (right) have been charged with second-degree murder for the death of their child, 2-year-old Nevaeh Allen (center).
Lanaya Cardwell, Niveah Allen, Philip Gardner (left to right)

As if our hearts didn’t hurt enough, Niveah is spelled heaven backwards. She certainly was heaven sent and too good for these parents who failed her.

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