U.S. Olympic Star Pleads Guilty In Capitol Riot


On Wednesday, Klete Keller, an Olympic star, plead guilty to participating in the storming the Capital on Jan. 6. He’s actually the 90th person to do so during this trial.

Klete Keller was one of the ringleaders who stormed the riot and plead guilty to a single charge of obstructing an official proceeding. The charge falls under a felony with an estimated sentencing of about two years. So he’s getting a little tap on the wrist.

Nonetheless, being a Washingtonian, this story makes me furious that people think they have the right to tear down our democracy. No regard was considered for people’s safety or the well being of our leaders the day this took place.


Oddly, (or maybe not so much), Judge Richard J. Leon dropped one other felony charge and five misdemeanor counts. The judge was informed by his attorney, Wedard MacMahon, that Keller “is trying to make amends for his terrible mistake,” is embarrrassed, and “wants to start his life over”. He was endited in February, after a video showed him destroying the Capitol, wearing a jacket with “USA” on the back.

Regardless, you would think with his large stature, he would have thought twice about being in the view of the camera. IDK, maybe that’s just me. But when it was time to face the music, he showed up to court with 6 foot 6 inch self. Charging docs presented by the FBI said he “appears to be one of the tallest individuals in the Rotunda”.

The Outcome

Surprisingly, Keller has agreed to comply with the law in the investigation. Additionally, he’s given consent to be called upon for further questioning.

Keller’s Olympics History

Hence being a relay teammate of Michale Phelps, Keller was globally recognized for his competition in three Olympic Games. Resulting in five medals, two of them were gold.

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