Rick Ross Agrees To Pay Child Support

Miami’s Rick Ross is kicking out the coins to his third baby momma. According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the “ex sheriff turned rapper” will pay his daughters mom, Briana Singleton aka Briana Camile (I know, I was confused at first too, lol) , $11,000 per month in child support. It’s been reported that his monthly income is $585,000 and Singleton’s is $142,000.

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Rick Ross At 2019 VMA

Additionally, he will cover the children’s health insurance and pay up to another 3k annually month per child. In May 2020, Briana filed an emergency order for her baby daddy to take a COVID-19 test before seeing their shared children. Her issue was that he was out partying, being a celebrity, smoking weed, etc., so she wanted to ensure their 2 year old Billion Heir aka Billion Leonard Roberts and three year old Berkely Hermes were covid-free. Understandable right? She also raised a concern about his quarantining habits, or the lack thereof. During this time, she was also carrying their third child.


I’m sure it’s no biggie for Rick Ross though. From the looks of it, he will always have an influx of cash flow. Last year he expanded his mansion that has two additional homes on the property. He named it Promise Land. And believe it or not, Rick Ross owns 28 wing stop locations, he gave one to his son this year for his 16th birthday.

Believe It Or Not

And he can drive himself to work, now that he finally got his driver’s licence at the age of 45. In an interview with 3rd hour of TODAY, the Purple Lambourgini rapstar revealed that he owned over 100 cars, he had just never gotten his license.

“I actually was driven to the test. I have 100 cars, nad I just hadn’ t had my license, he said. “So whenever I go joy riding, you know, it was just one of those things.”

MM hmm…we hear you Rozay!


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