The R.Kelly Trial Was Beyond Cringy

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The R. Kelly trial is finally over. After five exhausting weeks of deliberating on the Step In The Name Of Love singer’s sex crimes against women and minors, the jury has finally come to a guilty conclusion. Since August 8, the jury and judge have listened to 50 witnesses testify against Kelly, he was found guilty on Monday. He is facing ten years in prison.


R. Kelly’s History Of Sexual Crimes

For over 30 years, R. Kelly has been getting away with this. Back 2002 or so, the sex tape came out when he allegedly urinated on the minor aged girls (aged14) in the sex video. The video was swirling around like hot cakes, people were selling the video. The video was in his home, and he had several girls and women that he was having sex with. Women started coming forth left and right. Parents began suing him, and on and on, until here we are today.


Accusations In Most Recent Trial

Kelly, 54 has been accused of running a sex ring to entice women, and underaged boys and girls. Witnesses said that Kelly subjected them to perverted and sadistic acts when they were underage. However the defense presented witnesses who claimed they never saw The Ignition hitmaker abuse anyone, but also admitted they weren’t around enough to see everything that was going on.

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R. Kelly maintains that he is innnocent.

Attorney Gloria Allred represented three of the six victims, and she claims that “R. Kelly is the worst predator she ever pursued”.

Attorney’s Statement

“I have been practicing law for 47 years. During thsit time I have pursued many sexual predators who have committed crimes against women and children. Of all the predators that I have pursued, however, Mr. Kelly is the worst, for many reasons”, she told reporters.

She goes on to say,“First he used the power of his celebrity to recruit vulnerable underage girls for the purpose of sexually abusing them. These were not May-October relations, which is what his defense attorney wanted the jury to believe-these were crimes against children and some adults”, Allred stated.

Gloria Allred, Women’s Rights Attorney

Attorney’s Continued BreakDown She Came With Receipts

She continues, “Second, to use the power of his business enterprise and many of his inner circle employees to assist him and enable him in his plan and his scheme to lure his victims to him, isolate them, intimidate them, control them, indoctrinate them, punish them, shame them and humiliate them. All of which made Mr. Kelly more pwerful and more dangerous than many other sexual predators who operate without a network of financial and businesses to support and enable them”.

“As a result, many of his victims contractd this STD from him and will be forced to suffer from it for the rest of their lives”, Allred said.

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Allred goes on to further explain that the fourth reason. Clearly passionate, she explained that in many cases, “after groming, isolating, and intimidating his child victims, he recorded it. Not only recorded, but he directed and produced them. Additionally, not only for his own sexual gratification but, insome instances, for the purpose of using these videos to silence and threaten his victims with public exposure of these tapes if they ever told what he had done to them. These tapes were not sex tapes: They were child pornography, which is a crime”, she said.

Allred shared that she was proud of her clients who stepped up and spoke out during the trial.

Conclusion In The R. Kelly Trial

“R. Kelly thought that he could get away with all of this but he didn’t because despite the fact that he thought he could control all of his victims, he was wrong,” Allred said.

“Because of their courage and the outstanding work of federal agents and prosecutors in this case, justice has been done. Let this be a message to other celebrities who also use their fame to prey ontheir fans and others who are unfortunate enough to come into contact with them: Your’e also likely to face serious consequences for your criminal conduct”.


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