Kelly Price Was Never Missing


We hadn’t heard from Kelly Price in a while. Until boom! All of a sudden she’s missing. Come to find out, she was just battling COVID and trying to recover in peace. After dealing with the loss of her mom last year, contracting COVID, her grandmother, it’s taken a toll on her. Understabably disshoveled and needing quiet time, she left her home and checked into a hotel to recover quietly. Kelly shared that fans had started to become pesty, leaving gifts and notes on her doorstep, ringing her door bell all times of day.

After her sister put out a missing persons report, the internet began buzzing.

Kelly Price and her sister Shanrae Price/Facebook 2017

Did Her Sister Need 15 Minutes Of Fame?

Shanrae Price called into a gospel radio show and asked people to pray for her sister. She said that she was the sister of the legendary singer Kelly Price. She went to say that after she performed a wellness check, she was unable to locate her sister. Kelly Price resides with her husband and he assured them Kelly was fine. However, Shanrae was not convinced. So she filed a missing persons report.


Of course questions are swirling about Kelly’s children and what they had to say. It even gets messier with Nicci Gilbert from the 90’s girl group, Brownstone. She puts her two cents in and gets dragged by DaBrat for being messy. Chilleeeee…..the ghetto.

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