Da Brat Accuses Nicci Gilbert Of Being Fake


Nicci Gilbert has been trending since her GGF had allegedly turned up missing and found. She claims Kelly’s daughter confided in her about some personal family matters. Instead of concealing the information she took to her IG and went live to tell it all.

Nicci Gilbert is a singer from the 90’s group Brownstone. Both she and Kelly have been long time friends in the entertainment industry. Since her career went on hiatus, she created a platform to advocate for missing women and girls. Using her platform as her reasoning behind what she did, she told her IG live audience that her friend Kelly was in danger. She claims she sincerely felt like she was helping her friend, and that Kelly knew what she was about. She claims that she and Kelly spoke and she mentioned to her that her family was concerned for her well being including her children. But Da Brat wasn’t here for it and clapped back claiming Nicci was just seeking clout.

Contrarily, Nicci says she truly believed Kelly’s family was genuinely concerned for her.


“I am the friend that keeps it all way real wit you”, Nicci tells The Real.


Nicci Gilbert tells her side of the story on The Real

Da Brat, on the other hand, caught wind of it and was not here for the shenanigans!

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