Hazel E. Accuses Cardi B Of Stealing Her Party Idea

Its not unusual that Cardi B is being talked about. But what’s unusual is what she’s being accused of. Cardi B and her hubby dished out a pretty penny to celebrate their daughter’s third birthday. Yes they went all out but what celebrity doesn’t?

Hazel E. is a LHHH cast member; who is also a rap artist. Maybe trying to get like Cardi (cough,cough) who knows….


Anyway, she’s accusing Cardi B. and Offset of copying her princess theme for Kulture’s third birthday.


When in the history of motherhood has it ever been known for most little girls to either have or want a princess party?

I know I’ve given them to my daughters. I mean, come on now. When did it get that deep? COPYING? from whom? I guess Arica Tiffany Adams AKA Hazel E. created princess parties.🤷🏾‍♀️

Owner, Hidden Agenda Blog circa 1981 Princess Theme Party my Dad made the cake for my 3rd birthday
My Pink Princess Barbie Car

The Audacity

She tweeted an implication that made fans think she was directing her energy towards Cardi B. and Offset. Seemingly immediately after Cardi posted the pics of her daughter’s party on IG; here comes Ms. Hazel inadvertently accusing someone of being a fan on an IG stories she posted; captioned “the girls are fans!”

Similarly, in another photo gallery; she posted her daughters birthday. But she had already posted weeks prior; captioning the more recent, shady one “It’s the originality for me”.

Nonetheless, Cardi B fans decoded that subliminal message and fired back with the quickness. Of course, Hazel E deleted some other messy posts on her IG; while taking further shots at Cardi.

Hazel E/Instagram

Furthermore, Hazel tried to recant her statment saying, “I didn’t even say no names must be the same. I was the first rapper to do it. In my @souljaboy voice.”

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