Floyd Mayweather Sues Logan Paul For $150 Mil


Floyd Mayweather says the fight should have taken place in Dubai. But the company he teamed up with has sued Pac Entertainment.

Mayweather Promotions claims PAC had they’re hands in several pots. Globally, though, in Dubai specifically. And also they didn’t pay up the proper amount detailed in the contract. However a new venture connected to Floyd Mayweather’s upcoming exhibition fight may put the fighter at risk of violating a settlement agreement with the US government. Earlier this week, a team including Mayweather announced a non-fungible token (NFT) offering connected to his June 6th exhibition against Logan Paul. However, Mayweather is currently in a contract sealed by a settlement agreement with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that prevents him from promoting financial securities.

And let’s not forget to mention; that the only thing pertaining to fighting on Paul’s resume is from when he lost a boxing match to fellow YouTuber KSI in 2019. But this hasn’t stopped him from doing his homework on his upcoming match. He’s decided to study one of the world’s greatest in the ring. And he’s been doing his homework on Muhammad Ali’s ‘rope-a dope’ style; where the moves enable you to dodge a series of swings; with lightning quick reflexes that are sure to piss the opponent off.


But Floyd Mayweather has mentioned himself this week that the upcoming fight is not a ‘fair’ one. He admits Logan is a cruiserweight but he doesn’t have the kind of force from your typical 15 crusherweight, and he doesn’t hit has hard as his younger brother Jake Paul.

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