Johnathan Pentland Charged With Misdeameanor


A U.S. soldier, Johnathan Pentland was arrested Wednesday after going viral for pushing and verbally assaulting a young, Black male. The incident took place in a South Carolina neighborhood.

Johnathan & Cassie Pentland

Moreover, Jonathan Pentland, 42, was charged Monday with third-degree assault and battery for the violent encounter, according to the Richland County Sheriff’s Department. It should be noted that the gentlemen who was accosted by Mr. Pentland is 20 year old Daunte Wright.

Johnathan Pentland Can Be Heard Shouting In The Video, “What Are You Doing Here?” “You Can Walk Away or I’ll Carry You Out Of Here & You’re In The Wrong Neighborhood MuthaF***a!” I Ain’t Playing With You….I’m About To Show You What I Can Do!”

“The most vital piece of evidence we have was the video,” said Sheriff Leon Lott, during a press conference announcing the charges. However, the video doesn’t portray what took place leading up to the incident. However, there seems to be a pattern with minorities just doing mundane activities while being harassed by a white supremacist. According to inside source, however, it began with Pentland asking the man what he was doing in the area. He responds that he was just walking and not bothering anyone.


Secondly, Pentland repeatedly orders him to leave, even getting in his face and at one point pushing him.

“Let’s Go, Walk Away”, He Says. “I’m About To Do Something To You. You Better Start Walking Right Now”.

Moreover, at the end of the video you can hear Pentland’s wife telling Mr. Wright that he had picked a fight with “some random young lady” in the neighborhood.

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