Relationship Guru Derrick Jaxn Accused of Cheating


Derrick Jaxn, self entitled Self Love Ambassador is known for standing up for women’s needs when it comes to love. Derrick puts everything in plain sight, with a touch of humor to talk about relationship woes. He gives men advice on how to treat women, and tells women how to remain ‘F boy free’. Derrick went viral on social media about four years ago, when people started to magnetize to his tell it like it is approach to love and dating. However, recently he was exposed for the very thing that he preaches so hard against. Cheating. Is Derrick Jaxn out here preaching something that he can’t live?

How It All Started

After denying the allegations initially, he later came clean saying he did in fact have an affair; although he says he was separated from his wife at the time he had an affair with another woman. The alleged affair took place on his birthday one year, with a woman named Candice De Medeiros.

De Medeiros alleges that after Jaxn told her he was separated from his wife, he flew her out to Miami for a romantic weekend, while his wife was allegedly in Colorado with her family. She claims a second time they spent time together was at Jaxn’s Atlanta home, where she says she saw moving boxes. That led her to believe his claims that they were in fact separated.


Once he told her they could only communicate on SnapChat, she became suspicious and began to ask more questions about the status of his marriage. She said he then told her he didn’t plan on being with his wife and they had already tried to reconcile and it was unsuccessful. De Medeiros said that Jaxn told her, “I’ve done stuff in the past. She hurt me. I hurt her. I cheated on her and even till this day she doesn’t know”.

Interview With Tasha K

She said after that conversation, she found that she was blocked on all social media a few days later. Tasha K also claimed that a woman came to her two years ago saying Jaxn forced her to get an abortion. When speaking with blogger Tasha K, De Medeiros went on to describe what Jaxn’s home looked like, their sexual encounters and more.

Jaxn responded to the allegations via Youtube, along his wife Da’Naia Jackson.

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