Stimulus Check Argument Ended in Quadruple Death

Its sad that a stimulus check can be the catalyst to quadruple deaths in one day. These stimulus checks are really wreaking havoc in some people’s lives. We have to rethink our value system when $1400 can rule us to the point of murdering our own children.

Malik Halfacre allegedly killed his children’s mom and four children over the stimulus payment.

A day before Malik Halfacre allegedly shot Jeanettrius Moore on Saturday, he gunned down her family. He killed her young daughter, brother, mother and a cousin-the father of one of Moore’s children wanted half of her $1400 stimulus check, relatives told WXIN.


“He wanted some of Jeanettrius’ stimulus money,” cousin Wendy Johnson told the station. “She said, No, you don’t deserve any of this. I work. I take care of our child. You don’t do anything. ” Moore offered Halfacre $450,telling him “take it or leave it”, Johnson recalled.

“He said, I’m gonna get that money,” Johnson said. “This was the day before”. Halfacre later returned to the home and started going through Moore’s purse looking for the money when Daquan Moore tried to intervene to help his sister, prompting him to just start “killing everybody”, Johnson said.

Unfortunately, the relatives identified the victims as Moore’s 7-year-old daughter, Eve, her 23 year old brother, Daquan Moore, her 44 year old mother, Tomeeka Brown, and her 35-year-old cousin, Anthony Johnson.

Sequence of Events

“He shot Daquan first,” Wendy Johnson said. “Then he shot Anthony. He turned around, and he shot my auntie Tomeekka. My aunt Tomeeka said, ‘Malik!’ and he shot her again.”

Tomeeka Brown was murdered over a stimulus check disagreement.

When Halfacre fled the home with his 6-month old daughter, Malia Halfacre, an Amber Alert was triggered. Malia was found unharmed early Sunday, according to a report from WISH.

Meanwhile, Jeanettrius Moore, who was a beautician, was shot in the back. She flatly told a neighbor that Halfacre shot her and killed her family over her stimulus check.

“I said, ‘Why did he shoot you?” neighbor Craig Jackson said. “And her exact words were ‘stimulus money’…her exact words were ‘I am the only one who got away. He killed the rest of them’. Those were here exact words.”

However, Moore who was initially listed in critical condition, was released from a hospital Monday, relatives told the station.

Halfacre remained held without bail Tuesday on preliminary charges of murder, robbery and attempted murder, online records show.

Lorenzo Moore, Jeanettrius’ brother, said Halfacre was known to carry a gun, didn’t have a job and frightened his sister.

“It was like you cold feel this fear, but you never want to do anything about it because you’re too scared and it might come to what it’s come to,” Moore told WXIN. “Just him being angry about not having any money and him not doing anything for himself, so he thought he would just take something from her.”


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