Tabitha Brown Let RuPaul’s Contestant Know What Time It Was


RuPaul’s given Tabitha Brown some screen time on his show. If you don’t know who Tabitha Brown is, you might as well say you didn’t know the sun existed. Tabitha Brown has shot up in the limelight since she starting to filming Live facebook videos of her plant based recipes. Her deep southern drawl and spiritual connection with her followers keeps them coming for more. So much so that big bright smile has signed her showbiz deals. The world has watched Tabitha Brown and her family grow to new heights.

Seems like Tabitha Brown had to let RuPaul know ” he didn’t know her”. It seems RuPaul decided to impersonate Tabitha Brown on his show. And apparently she wasn’t pleased. This week on RuPaul’s show, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” the theme was ‘celebrity impressions’ to make the judges laugh. The overall objective of the show is for RuPaul to find his next bestdrag queens. So the ‘queens’ compete in various competions on the show. Olivia Lux is one of the contestants and her ‘celebrity’ was Tabitha Brown.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13

Tabitha reposted the clip on her Instagram with this caption: “They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. WOW I can’t believe this happened tonight on @rupaulsdragrace. @theolivialu impersonated me. WOW!!!Love you honey!! Oh and @rupaulofficial not knowing who I am is your business but I absolutely love you!


Someone commented, “I was watching like…DOES TABITHA KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING TONIGHT?

Tabitha responded, “blew my mind”. Olivia Lux did respond to Tabitha’s post saying, ” I LOVE YOU SO MUCH”.

Tabitha responded, “love you”

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