At Least 13 People Died in Truck Crash


A gruesome tragedy that involved at least 13 people took place in Southern California at 6 am. Wednesday morning. We never know when our last day on earth will be. That’s why safety is so important. The story is still unfolding, but it was reported that at least a dozen other people were hospitalized. Moreover, a truck, driven by a 28 year old, slammed into an overloaded SUV just north of the Mexican border.

With the seats removed from the Ford Expedition, there were 25 people inside. Yes, 25. The crash happened at a major, underdeveloped intersection. The area is known as an illegal transportation area. The thirteen people who died were among 44 who allegedly entered the U.S through a cut hole into Southern California’s border fence, according to Border Patrol.

The Suburban carried 19 people, and it caught fire after entering the U.S., according to the Associated Press. All escaped the vehicle, allegedly and were taken into custody by Border Patrol agents.


Additionally, two cars were seen on surveillance video leaving the area of the fence hold around 6 am Tuesday.

A preliminary report released Tuesday by the highway patrol said the SUV, driven by a 28 year old resident of Mexico, “entered the intersection directly in front” of a Peterbilt truck. Sadly, the ages of those in the SUV range from 15 to 53. Special agents from Homeland Security have initiated a human smuggling investigation, according to a statement, adding that other details were currently being kept confidential.

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