André Leon Talley Eviction Saga Continues


The larger than life fashion legend André Leon Talley got caught up in a legal battle. He and his former good good Judy are at odds due to money issues. The former CEO of Manolo Blahnik USA is accusing him of being behind $500,000 in rent. And they want the big payback!

André Talley Facing Eviction
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So much so that he’s taken him to court to evict him from the colonial style, 11 room mansion. Talley argued that he owns the property, telling the New York Times in 2018, “It is my sanctuary”.

Court docs obtained by Page Six state that the owners of the property are Malkemus and his spouse, Anthony Yurgaitis.


Moreover, according to his legal documentation, he has paid back more than the purchase price, totaling $1,075,588 and additional maintenance fees. The situation is unfortunate, to say the least. Talley’s legal counsel feels they have a strong case. They have a counterclaim that Malkemus and Yurgaitis are unethically seeking “to invoke a never-operative ‘lease’ agreement in order to enrich themselves by forcing Talley from the home. They’re seeking an additional $515,872.97.

Andre Leon Talley was born in Washington, DC and has played in movies like The September Issue, Valentino: The Last Emperor. He is known as a staple in the fashion industry for being Vogues first Black fashion editor from 1983 to 1987. In 1988, he became it’s creative director until 1995.

Being such an iconic leader in the industry, Talley has known Malkemus and his husband for over 40 years. Talley alleges the pair “agreed to buy the home for him and transfer the title once he had repaid the $1,020,000 purchase price”.

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