How Black People Cultivated The $500M Live Streaming Audio Social App Clubhouse

If you haven’t heard all the buzz going around on social media, there’s a new celebrity based app called Clubhouse.


Taking Off Like a Rocket ship

However, Clubhouse is still a private owned company. Last year the invite only app was worth 100 million dollars. Beginning with only about 15,000 users (who were mostly venture capitalists who invested in the company) to now 5 million users!


The app went from 100 million dollar valuation to a one billion dollar valuation over the course of a just a few months. Clubhouse founders Paul Davison and former Google engineer, Rohan Seth have clearly hit a jackpot, with the app surpassing both Twitter and Facebook.

“Communities of color drive the cultural conversation and a lot of the initial wealth creation for apps like Clubhouse” said VC investor, Mersabi Ven.

How It All Started

So then a niche black community started thriving on the app which drove buzz for Clubhouse outside the app. In December during the holidays, Broadway New York City was still closed due to Covid-19 pandemic. Being out of work, six Black artists presented the entire Lion King musical in a single clubhouse room. The show was a hit all with 40 actors hitting the 5k viewing max in the room.

What’s All The Hype

Clubhouse embodies a plethora of space catering to the Black experience. You’ll find rooms like the Black Beauty Club, and the Black Bit coin Billionaires. However, you can only use the app if you’re an iPhone user. Upon entering, you have the option to start a chat-room, accept an invitation to come to the stage and speak or host a discussion. The room disappears once the discussion is over. Don’t be surprised to find moderators in the rooms like Jill Scott or Les Brown.

With the entrepreneur stats rising, many users join in hopes to gain networking opportunities and business advice. Last week Kanye West was in one of the rooms, talking to Tesla Chief, Elon Musk.


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