Twitter Permanently Suspends Donald Trump’s Account


After a supererogatory attack on the US Capitol; Trump tweeted a video showing praises to the attackers “We love you; you’re very special”, he said. The video has since been deleted by Twitter “due to a risk of violence”.

On Friday, January 8 Twitter made it official to make Donald Trump’s Tweeting ban a permanent one. However, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is concerned that the actions of Donald Trump could hurt his brand. He claims it “sets a precedent I feel is dangerous: the power an individual or corporation has over a part of the global public conversation.”

But not more than a week later; within hours of Trump’s second impeachment; a video of Trump urging protesters to stand down and stop the mobbing was posted on the official @WhiteHouse Twitter account. Twitter’s response was that the video wasn’t in violation of the ban. When The Verge asked Twitter to explain, they declined to comment.


However in October, Trump has his own conversation with The Verge , the business mogul told the news outlet that he filed a lawsuit in Florida against Twitter. According to a news release; the former president plans to hold a rally in Florence at the Country Thunder Festival grounds in mid January 2022.

What Is Trump Being Accused Of

The House impeachment accuses Trump of “inciting violence against the government of the United States”. As a result, the Trump Organization faces cancelled contracts in New York; and is losing access to his legal team, also possibly losing his airline security, amongst a host of other perks he would have otherwise been able to keep had he not been impeached a second time).

Donald Trump Twitter meme

Talk About a ‘Guilty Pleasure’!

According to The Washington Post, Trump tweeted more than 600 times in 2018 during his first impeachment.

What Happens to Trump’s 26,000 plus Presidential Tweets?

Well, moving forward you’ll forever have access to debunked tweets Trump has posted during his time as President. But it doesn’t really matter; since the President would have had to relinquish his Twitter account, anyway. Since it was solely used for Presidential purposes; according to the U.S . Ethics Regulations; U.S. officials are prevented from benefiting personally from their public office. Additionally, this applies to social media accounts.

Edit: More recently, an aide of Trump’s; Jason Miller; is backing Governor Greene, whose Twitter account was deleted as well.

Greene has been permanently suspended from Twitter
Governor Marjorie Green, backed by an aide of Trump; whose Twitter account was permanently deleted

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