Tiffany Haddish And Common Enjoy the Holidays Apart This Year

Kevin Mazur/ Getty images

With covid taking out so many people, folks are taking extra time to spend with their loved ones in safe ways, of course. But with the uncertainty of life so thick in the air, it’s inevitable to be concerned about how we spend our potential last days. And for Tiffany and Common, they’ve decided to enjoy this holiday with their loved ones. Together, you ask? Nope. The comedian and actress, 41 tells PEOPLE that she and Common are dividing their time up and wont be sharing that time together. Haddish says she wanted to “get as much time as I can with my grandma.”

Haddish and Common had announced their relationship in early August. “She’s a wonderful woman, a queen and just a beautiful person, man” Common told Live with Kelly and Ryan. They first met on a set of a 2019 movie The Kitchen. Tiffany claims there was no sexual chemistry at the time, until they ran into one another on Bumble, a dating site. “What I love about him, I can be silly. We laugh together, and we can have really deep conversations. And we do argue, but its not like mean words being tossed at each other, or trying to tear each other’s character down, it’s more like grown-ups. And I don’t think I’ve ever been i a relations where, if I have an argument with somebody, there are not calling me out of my name or trying to belittle me”.

“Wer’e not up under each other every day anyways. He’s recording his album right now, I’m working on a television show right now. Even before when the pandemic first happened, we were’nt together every day. It was three, maybe four days out the week.”


She continues, “That’s kind of how I like it, because I need space. I like to be able to create whatever I’m trying to create, and if I’m trying to create, and if I’m with somebody, I want to focus on them a lot and it can become a distraction.

Haddish shared that their arrangment was somewhat of an ‘unspoken’ one.

“I was looking at him sideways for a second, because he’s like, ‘Yeah, I want to go to Florida. I’m going to go see my mom and my grandma. And so I’m waiting for him to say, Do you want to go?” she recalls. “But I know I’m not going…I’m waiting for him to ask me so I can say, ‘No’. He never asked.” She explained that he told her he would have invited her to with him for the holidays, but he knew she had been hinting around to going to see her Grandma. She told him “You should have still asked so I could turn you down”, she laughs. But… at the end of the day it all worked out for the pair.

“This is hands down the best relationship I’ve been in. Knock on wood.!!!” Haddish blushed.

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