Unexpected Veto Threat By Donald Trump for a Larger Stimulus Package


Will it be all or nothing? The $900 billion relief deal includes $600 for every child and adult who claimed earnings of $75,000 or less in 2019, which is half of what the bill distributed for the first round of stimulus aid back in March.

Trump describes the bill as “a disgrace” and hinted that he wouldn’t be expeditiously signing the bill. The bill includes a $300 increase in Unemployment Insurance Benefits, and the EIDL relief for small businesses who have suffered due to covid-19.

However, the amount will decrease by $5 for every $100 of income earned above the threshold. This news comes right after White House staffers confirmed Trump’s approval on the package. Another conflicting message they’ve received was in regards to their departure of the White House. They were initially told they “would start departing” on Jan. 4, but then later were told to disregard that information. Staffers had been notified that they would receive a “comprehensive checklist” in the days to follow and were directed to “take inventory of their office space”.

According to Bloomberg, Nancy Peolosi is “scheduling a Christmas Eve vote on a new bill to boost stimulus payments to $2,000 urging Donald Trump to push Republicans to support it”.


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