Eddie Murphys Coming to America 2


Literally everyone’s favorite Classic Comedy! Coming back to serve us with a sequel to the hit comedic movie, Coming to America, part two!

Directed by Craig Brewer; the film is making a comeback with the same characters, and some new ones, to include Rick Ross, Tracy Morgan, and Wesley Snipes; to name a few making the film highly anticipated.

Since the original movie, Coming to America’; a lot has taken place. In the plot of the movie, Akeem fathers a son with street-smart woman named Lavelle. In his quest to take his place as King of Zamunda; he learns that he fathers a son, whom he had no clue about, would eventually become estranged. This voyage around the world to find his son makes the storyline that much more interesting.


Let’s take a peek at what’s to come:

Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy are side by side again in Coming to America 2 PHOTO: AMAZON STUDIOS

The movie is set to air on Amazon Prime Video on March 5, 2021.

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