Mayor Muriel Bowser of DC Reverses Religious Restrictions After Catholic Lawsuit


DC’s mayor Muriel Bowser has gotten caught up in some ish, all because she was trying to prevent the ubiquitous spread of the Coronavirus. She got slammed with a lawsuit on Friday; from the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington.

The religious institution is seeking a temporary restraining order; due to placing restraints on capacity issues; and convivial activities that involved more than 50 people in one space.

Mayor Muriel Bowser/ Jacquelyn Martin/AP

Archdiocese was less than pleased; thus supplicating Mayor Bowser; importuning the regulations to increase the modification to worship service capacity; to ‘filling no more than 25%’ of it’s congregation; allowing up to a maximum of 250 people; regardless of the size of the cathedral or sanctuary. The order was modified; and took effect on Thursday at 12:01 am.


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