Former Rapper Shyne Wins Mesopotamia Seat in Belize City for the House of Representatives


Signed to Bad Boy records back in the 90’s, Shyne rapidly became a hit wonder, with a few singles that topped the charts. He was forced into an early retirement due to getting sentenced to 10 years in a New York court for shooting and wounding two people during a dispute between Sean “Puffy” Combs, Jennifer Lopez and a man in a Times Square nightclub.

More recently though, his career has shot up in ways previously unimaginable. Moses Michael Levi Barrow AKA Shyne has become the ambassador, winning and earning House of Representatives in Belize, his home.

“I am currently the government’s ambassador of music and culture, the government’s entity that deals with sustainable development for musicians and those in the creative industry. Soon, I’ll be in the Cabinet as the minister of culture and the creative industry to deal with sustainable development of said industry” Levi explained to The Gleaner.



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