Is Trump Going To Win The Election After All? U.S. Election Results

Photo credit: AP

Trump, who we haven’t seen much of lately is trailing behind Biden by more than 5 million votes. Despite the White House being a cesspool for Covid-19, President-elect Biden is making his transition to take his Presidential seat upon meeting with advisers on Thursday in Delaware. Georgia has recounted votes, but Trump wants to hear none of it. He’s being a sore loser. Here are some facts you should know:

  • The Trump administration is currently blocking Biden’s transition team from getting access to intelligence briefings.
  • Post-election audits find no fraud in Arizona.
  • Two DOH officials have been forced to resign, amid pressure from the White House.
  • Biden spoke with Pelosi Thursday and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to discuss Covid-19 and economic relief, according to Chuck Schumer’s office.
  • They also discussed bipartisan solutions to create millions of good-paying union jobs via investments from infrastructure, manufacturing, research and development, and clean “energy”.

This election has garnered the most voters ever in the history in the voting, since 100 years, according to The Washington Post. Since 1984, Chicago tallied it’s most casted votes , accoring to the Chicago Tribune.

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