Diddy Launches Political Group To Focus On The Black Vote

Sean Combs wants to fous on the Black Vote

The Black Vote is equivalent to the golden ticket. “They’re” always searching for one! With early voting already starting in some states, Diddy announced the launch of ‘Our Black Political Party‘. A political action committee whose mission is to “create a platform to help advance a political agenda that addresses the needs of Black people.


The I’ll Be Missing You hitmaker explained the idea behind OBPP in a series of tweets on Friday, where he endorsed Joe Biden. Careful to emphazie that “voting Donald Trump out of office is a top priority”.

“We are on the verge of a race war”, Diddy said on The Breakfast Club. “We need to get Biden in and hold him accountable” Diddy tweeted. “Trump has taken things too far“.


Backlash For The Political Group

Although they’ve only just begun, the group has some alleged ‘red flags’. Allegedly, in addition to focus on the black vote, the group is accused of having the wrong focus on some issues. One of which is defunding the police as a top priority on their agenda.

Anyway, the Daily Press dug up some receipts on Wes Bellamy, one of the leaders in the political group. “In 2009, Bellamy joked about women lying about how many sexual partners they’ve had. Apparently, he ended the tweet with a dirty word that begins with a “c.” Then, in 2011, “a female principal with a school full of female teachers” was a “sure way” to mess up little boys. But it’s okay for Trump to say, “he wants to grab them by the you know whats”. Okay!!

Sadly, Diddy recently lost the mother of three of his children. As he tried to move on with life, he’s decided to put her LA mansion on the market for 7 million dollars.

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