Jennifer Lopez Hires All Women In Her Movie Production Company and We Are Here For It


Its Ladies Night every night every night when Jennifer Lopez is your boss.

The lineup of women produced movies includes Hustlers“, which only took 29 days to produce, directed by Lorene Scararia, which grossed $157 million worldwide.; next year’s “Marry Me”, where the Jenny from the Block actress plays a pop star who endures a bad break up with her famous fiancee: and last, but not least, the upcoming, Drug Lord drama “The Godmother” (Reed Morano) in which Lopez plays the main character.

She shared in a twitter livestream last year, I worked with a lot of men, mostly men directors, mostly men crew, and it is a boys’ club”. She continued, “And when you have all women on the set, it all becomes now more evened out, especially when there’s a woman director, because that’s who’s calling the shots, really. And when you have, further behind that, all women producers, then you’re really talking something special”.


Jennifer Lopez has a production company called Nuyorican Prods., which she runs with Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, her former agent (who famously negotiated Lopez’s then-record breaking $9 million salary for a Latina actress on 2001’s “The Wedding Planner).

**clears throat** speaking of wedding, J.Lo and Arnie Hammer will tie the knot in Lionsgates action-comedy “Shotgun Wedding”.

Lopez closed out her twitter livestream with “Women get shit done”!

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