Mary J. Blige And 50 Cent Collab On And Off The Screen


Celebrities all around the world are preparing for Vulture Festival; a newly birthed virtual celebrity panel. This is it’s first annual year in the making. The project is expecting major support.

The panel consists of some of New York’s finest such as Method Man, Mary J. Blige and 50 Cent. The panel consists of the musical geniuses conversing about their careers in not only music; but how they navigate their artistry strategies into their acting careers.

There’s rumor that 50 and Mary are wrapping up a show for the spin off Power called Power Book II: Ghost. The show allegedly picks up where Power left off. 50 faced a lot of criticism on social media for replacing the opening show’s jingle originally sang by Joe, but recently replaced with Trey Songz. Fans’ energy was disturbed so 50 decided to keep the song as is.


As we all know, Curtis James Jackson III AKA 50 Cent isn’t shy when it comes to letting mofo’s know how he feels about a thing. Recently, 50 was in headlines after telling folks to vote for Trump during the presidential election. Not to mention; his castmate Naturi Naughton clapped back on his azz after he said her forehead was so big she looked like mortal combat.

Update: He recently apologized publicly to Madonna for making rude comments about her looks.

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