Steph Curry Defends His Wife In The Coment Section: “You Beautiful Baby


Steph Curry not only defends the ball on the court, but he plays no games when it comes to his wife. Listen, it’s a pandemic. We all are in the house. Bored. Trying on wigs, cutting our hair….we’re all trying to figure out life right now. And sometimes, a girl just needs a new ‘look’. On Sunday, the cookbook author Ayesha Curry took to Instagram to show off her ‘new do’.


Spectators from near and far chimed in with their two cents. Some accused the mom of three of looking like ‘ a white woman’

“Ayesha curry look like a whole white woman whit that blonde wig & makeup, someone tweeted. Someone else commented, “I’m sorry but Ayesha Curry looks like a Karen now. People had not-so-nice things to say as well as good things, including her husband, NBA star Steph Curry; who captioned:


“You beautiful baby. And don’t you let anybody tell you differently, ok? I mean it”. He continued, “There’s just a bunch of meanies out there and I don’t like it one bit. Do you boo boo.”

He added jokingly, “P.S. If the wig falls off I won’t tell anybody, I promise. Pinky promise. It be hilarious though, but won’t nobody know. Wait- that’s been you in this bed the whole time??? I ain’t even know. Now I’m tripping.”

People Can Be So Cruel On Social Media

On Monday, the actress took to Twitter to defend herself as well, saying, “It’s the fun wig for a switch up and extremely common IG filter we all use from time to time for me…I just…ya’ll be taking this stuff wayyyy too serious.”

Lately her husband, Steph Curry; has been scoring not only with his wife, but on the basketball court as well. The famous 3-pointer for the Nets is always coming through. Kyle Irving tweeted his praises to the ball player for being a revolutionary.

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