Fans Are Concerned That K. Michelle May Be Suicidal

K. Michelle/Instagram

2020 hasn’t spared any of us it seems. And K.Michelle put it ‘all out there’ when she posted on Twitter about the hardship of all the hate mail she’d been receiving and as a result “she doesn’t wanna be here anymore”.

Mental health day was last week and a lot of elite and celebrities took to social media to support mental health awareness, including the ‘Can’t Raise a Man’ hitmaker, K.Michelle. She revealed that her grandmother suffered from a stroke, and along with the hate mail and cheating rumors circulating her marriage, she had reached a breaking point.

K. Michelle has since then, deleted the tweets. To add even more fuel to the fire, people are making fun of her for her butt injection. According to Atlanta Blackstar, K. Michelle’s former ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ co-stars Mimi Faust and Rasheeda Frost has some shade to throw at their ex friend in regard to her plastic surgery.

Fans are sending virtual hugs and good vibes to the Soultrain Music Award winner.

With Mercury Retrograde from Oct 14 through November, things can seem to feel unbearable at times. But! Just breathe….we can make it through. All things are working together for our good. And the universe is aligning magnificent miracles just when we seem we cant make it another second.

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