Boss Moves or Nah? Meet The Nigerian Man Who Rented The Yacht To Jay Z and Beyonce

Kola Aluko

His name is Kola Aluko. He’s a Black billionaire who owns the second largest yacht known to man. It’s called the Galatica star. Beyonce celebrated her 39th birthday on the lavish floating palace this past September.

One would imagine that this pristine palace would be free from any problematic connections. Well, unfortunately, back in 2015, the first aluminum yacht was part of an ongoing corruption case against two Nigerian nationals. Subsequently, the yacht was put up for sell in a sealed bid arrangement proposed by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Republic of Nigeria, approved by the U.S. Federal Court.

Currently, the yacht is still up for sale because Bey just celebrated another birthday on the yacht, and the feds attempted to confiscate the property back in 2015. From 2011 to 2015, allegedly Aluko and a partner of his both conspired to bribe Alison Madueke in order to win oil production contracts worth 1.5bn, according to a civil forfeiture complaint. The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas have initiated proceedings to seize Aluko’s 25 million dollar mansion. Guess Uncle Sam wants his coins, huh?

But, in case your’e wondering, if you have about $170k a month laying around….Yes, I said a month… for the upkeep of this beauty, you are eligible to place your bid for purchase. You’ll just have five days to put your five percent down. The yacht holds up to 13 people.

Good luck! Just kidding, the bidding actually closed May 19 2019. So you’re outta luck if you haven’t already placed a bid. But you can still rent it….just be like Bey.


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