Man Punched by MAGA Supporter for Playing F*%k Donald Trump Inside Texas Parking Lot


Some “maskless mess” occurred just outside a Buc-eé’s convenience store in Denton, Texas Saturday afternoon. Two Trump supporters were seen confronting a man holding up a sign and listening to some music.

One of the Trump supporters demanded that the man stop playing an anti-Trump song, by YG and Nipsey Hussle entitled F***k Donald Trump. When the man refused to quit playing the song, the Trump supporter approached the sign holder who was wearing a mask btw….sucker punched him in the face. Denton police said they have opened up an investigation into the incident.

The two Trump supporters were not wearing masks!! one of whom was seen wearing a Trump shirt, approaching a dude in a hockey jersey while holding a sign. According to Daily Mail, a man wearing a black shirt and brown hat is seen demanding that they ‘turn it off’ as he plays the Nipsey Hussle song.


The man was taken to the hospital and is reportedly doing well. He suffered a cut under his right eye as a result, according to TMZ. A report has been taken and an investigation is under weigh. In the meantime, the police are asking for the publics help in finding and identifying the men.

Man in Brown hat seen chumping up guy to turn off a song about Donald Trump

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