Did Jeffree Star’s Boyfriend Steal From Him?

Welp. As momma used to say….”The way u get them is how you will lose them”. Jeffree Star, an old MySpace celebrity-turned makeup youtube influencer, is off the hook and is known for his racial rants, according to Insider.


He’d been in a myriad of scandals but the latest allegation is that he’s guilty of stealing a lady’s live-in boyfriend, just before said boyfriend stole from him and left him high n dry. Back in August, Star posted an Instagram picture of him straddling a guys lap. And although the guy’s face isn’t shown, fans quickly noticed the body ink and identified that it was basketball player, André Marhold.


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Prior to Jeffree’s intimate post with Andre, Leezy, who shares a son with the basketball player, claims Andre told her he was going to Los Angeles for professional reasons and would be back in 10 days.

“It was just humiliating for me because my family called me, my friend from France called me. Everybody was blowing up my phone, so I couldn’t go on my phone, Leezy, André’s child’s mom says.

“I trusted him because he said he was going there for work. Then, you know, I tried to communicate with him, but it was just like hard to”, Leezy says. “So from this day until now, we’ve had, like no communication”.

However Jeffree is now claiming that his new boo stole from him and don’t answer his calls.

Since all the drama, Leezy has been garnering support from her friends and family, ” I’m still hurt and confused about the situation because I do not know, I don’t know what’s going on honestly”, she admits.

Of course Andre denies these allegations.


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