Supa Cent Seems To Be Done Done With Her Ex Fiance Ex-Boyfriend Lou

Guess the pressures and covid just got some couples hot. Not able to withstand the heat of it all, Supa Cent (makeup mogul and Instagram influencer) real neame Raynell Steward had had enough and took to her Instagram to let ole boy know how she was really feelin.

Ole boy meaning, Lou, whose known for cheating. The two are rumored to have split back in July due to the cheating allegations. When she said she was done, she meant it chile cuz she posted her new man on IG for the world to see. Clearly Lou was not too pleased.

So Lou makes a post claiming Supa Cent is an unfit mother, saying she’s too busy to make time for their daughter, accusing her of keeping their baby away from him…all while threatening to take her to court.

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