More Details Are Uncovered In The Murder of Breonna Taylor


On March 13, police shot Breonna Taylor five times in her home while conducting a “no-knock” drug raid on the apartment and were met with gunfire by Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker. His retaliation resulted in an officer, John Mattingly, being shot in the leg. The case has recently uncovered over 1200 new crime scene videos. There were at least 20 shell casings found disseminated outside her apartment. There were marks on the living room walls, kitchen cabinets and parts of her bedroom, not to mention several bullet holes according to the Louisville Courier Journal. Bullet holes were also found in two neighboring apartments.

Attorney Steve Romines, (representing Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker),told the newspaper that the photos retrieved from the apartment reveal that police were “repeatedly firing blindly in multiple directions with no identifiable target, which is the very definition of wanton conduct.”

“Generally speaking, police don’t fire without an identifiable target. They could possibly miss and hit something else, but they don’t just fire wildly”, he said. Allegedly, only one of the officers wore a body cam and a scene reconstruction has been conducted by the FBI and was shared with Kentucky Attorney Daniel Cameron, who is currently investigating. “Without video evidence of the shooting, this report is a critical step in the investigation and provides a clearer picture of what happened on the night of March 13”, Cameron tweeted Monday.


Louisville is bleeding heavily right now with racial tension and it’s going to take a great, loving leader to hear the cries of the wounded. For the third time ever in history, a Black woman by the name of Yvette Gentry has decided to step up to the plate in the interim as head of the Louisville Kentucky Police Department.

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