Letoya Luckett Gives Hubby Walking Papers Just Before Baby Delivery


Letoya Luckett has thrown in the towel on the marriage just before delivering their baby. Pregnant and Grammy winning Destiny Child star has had enough of Tommicus Walker; after he allegedly cheated. His alleged side chick has come forward with receipts to show a video that proves the affair.


Rumors began circulating about their marriage last week when fans noticed they unfollowed each other not too long after noticing she was no longer wearing her wedding ring on an Instagram she posted Wednesday.

Instagram model side chick from Dallas showed The Shade Room a video of a man who resembled Tommi sleeping in a hotel room while the other video saw the aftermath of them having sex.


She also told TSR that she was more than willing to share the videos in public, before claiming that Tommi was also messing around with another woman just days after their alleged affair took place. TSR said they would refrain from posting the video for various reasons.

A day later, Tommi took to Instagram to deny the allegations, insinuating that this is all simply the devil’s work. “The devil is busy and will not win. Please pray for my family and especially my wife while she’s pregnant. This too shall pass. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate,” he wrote. The caption wrote, “I love my family. I pray my wife does not go into preterm labor and my son healthy. God fix it & bless my enemies. Amen.” Tommi later deleted the post, but had another message he shared via Instagram stories. “Lord fix this in the name of Jesus,” the caption read.

Just two days before his alleged affair was exposed, the couple held a virtual baby shower “for baby boy Walker”. The baby will be their second child together, after welcoming heir daughter Gianna Iman Walker on January 4, 2019.

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