Tamar Is Reported To Be Alert and Conscious and Will Continue Evaluation at a Mental Facility

2020 has sure been unsure lately. As for many of us, just like Tamar has had a rough couple of weeks. Reports say that the R& B singer has been transferred to a mental health facility for “further evaluation” after being found unconscious last week by her boyfriend at the Ritz Carlton hotel on July 16. It was alleged that she committed suicide.


However, close sources to the Love and War singer have reported that she now awake and responsive.


She is now being further accessed by the mental facility. “Tamar has been transferred to another facility for further evaluation and treatment. Out of respect for Tamar’s privacy and that of her family, no additional information is available at this time”, the spokesperson told The Blast.

Tamar Braxton and Boyfriend David Adefeso

They continued, “The outpouring of support that Tamar has received is a testament to the light that she brings to people”.

It is said that Tamar was upset that a family secret surrounding childhood rape had leaked out to her networks.

Tamar accused the network of exploiting her pain for childhood gains ultimately blaming the network in sending her to take her own life.

In a letter that was sent to WeTV, she said, “It happened the day you dug up a secret is never share with anyone, a secret I was so ashamed to talk about that I hid it from even my own mom: the fact that I had been assaulted and raped repeatedly from age 6 to age 16, sometimes multiple times a day”, Braxton wrote.

After being forced to speak her truth to her family and over 100 crew members, Braxton stated,” You broke me that day and I considered ending my own life then for the shame I felt”.

He continues, “I hope those ratings were worth it because you succeeded in destroying a great black family”, she concluded. Tamar also accuses WeTV of editing film to only reflect the negative side of things when filming their family interactions on set.

” We fight with each other, we betray each other and now we’re physically assaulting each other – all happening because your show ( Braxton Family Values) has chosen to show the absolutely worst side of a strong, independent and successful African American family”, Tamar said.

Tamar we uplift you now and you aee in our thoughts and prayers. You will pull through this!


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