Armed Protesters Show Up To Rayshard Brooks Memorial at Burned Down Wendy’s in Georgia

Protesters showed ALL THE WAY up on Tuesday, accompanied with a couple friends by the name of AR-15 along with handguns were Rayshard Brooks was shot last Friday.

  • Brooks family requested demonstrators refrain from violence on Monday before the protest.
  • An autopsy found that Brooks, (27) was shot twice in the back late Friday by a white officer, Garrett Rolfe,  who was trying to arrest him after he was found drunk in his car.
  • Brooks disclosed to the officer he was inebriated and had just come back from viewing his mom’s grave-site.
  • Officer Rolfe asked Brooks to sit down in his vehicle and to not move as he stepped away to speak with a fellow officer arriving on the scene.
  • However, the officer failed to disclose to his colleague that Brooks was grieving and had been very compliant through this point.
  • The officer tried to arrest Brooks, but Brooks tried to get away, and did, grabbing the officer’s stun gun.
  • The officer shot Brooks twice as he was running away from the scene with the stun gun.
  • Now clutch your pearls. (see below)

Sheriff Alfonzo Williams told CNN “There’s nothing malicious or sadistic about the shooting. It was completely justified”. You cannot point a weapon at the police and expect for nothing to happen. “That is the wrong message to send to our black youth”, he continued.


Just three weeks after the public lynching of George Floyd on May 25, another unarmed black man killed by a white cop unjustifiably….here we are again. (deep sigh). Now, the unjustified murder of Rayshard Brooks has sparked even more outrage across the world. Another black man murdered, by a white cop.

Protesters At The Site Where Brooks Was Killed

Protesters took to the site where Brooks was killed, at a Wendy’s (currently burned down) strapped up with AR-15’s and handguns. Obviously, enough is truly enough. What more can we do? And the sad part about it is that Georgia’s BLACK sheriff, Alfonzo Williams feels no way about it.

If it’s about teaching Black youth the right thing, shouldn’t we be teaching them that it’s not a death sentence because of the color of their skin? Haven’t we been through enough already? Let’s make the punishment fit the crime. Please and thanks.


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